Monday, January 19, 2015

Get The Stink Off

While a good attitude, a solid support group and decent health care does help in times of trouble, it has always been knowing God’s love that makes noble conquerors out of otherwise scaredy-cats. The desire to know God’s love is the highest desire that He can give you because it is the desire for Himself. . .and that is where your satisfaction is found, that is where your ability—and beyond—is found. The desire for love satisfied will shape your days, frame your efforts and focus your hopes in the midst of uncertain, crazy and difficult times. As much as anything else, this is the work of God toward you. It’s what He’s doing today.  First.  And last.

If you’ve been thinking that you’ve got no time to “bathe” in His love for you, maybe you’ve accepted the lie that His love isn’t practical or productive—you’ve got too much work to do after all. That thinking stinks you up, and is the proof that you need a bath, however brief, because you’ve got to get that stink off—especially the kind of bath that gets rid of the inside stink. Do you know about that stink? I’m sure you do.

He makes all of the difference for you—really—and He knows exactly how you work. Plus, He’s been through everything imaginable and more, long before you arrived on the scene, so He has all of the experience and wisdom and comfort at the ready for you. He has all of the motivation you need, all of the strength and all of the perspective. That could be helpful in your day. Right?

He is FOR you. Remember?

(This is a transcript of yesterday’s video, “Get The Stink Off,” and is for those who might rather read than watch. To see the video and to perhaps subscribe, click Or scroll down this page.)

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