Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Who Am I?

There is an awful lot that suggests an “awful you” or a “lesser you,” one that bears little resemblance to who you are because of how you’ve been made—or re-made by God. And if you’re reading this, chances are good that you know what I’m talking about: the new creation you. I’m not talking about the businessman or businesswoman you, I’m not talking about the student you, the employee you, or the father, mother, son or daughter you. Those are all tributary identities to the primary identity—to the source identity—to the you you truly are. I’m talking about the you that is clean and holy and perfect, the Spirit-born you, an actual son of God, a light in this world, in whom the Kingdom of God dwells, God having seen to it, God having seen to you, through the new birth in Christ.

I’m talking about that you. And I simply want to remind you today that sometimes you’ve got to stop in order to think again about who you are because it can seemingly get lost in the things you do.

If you have been made to live by faith in Christ (that He was who He said He was and who He says He is, perfect God toward man) and that you are who He says you are (perfect son or daughter), then you’re going to have to answer that question, “Who are you?” You’ll even have to ask it of yourself—“Who am I?”—so you can proceed in your day and live well from the answer.

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