Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Phase Out 2

Here are some more phrases to go with yesterday’s post that, in the light of Jesus’ cross and resurrection and our faith in Him, we need to put away.

“Empty yourself and let God fill you.”  Why get rid of what God gave?  Embrace that He HAS filled you—exactly the way He intended.  Besides, how could a self empty itself?  That’s crazy.

“I just need to get out of God’s way.” 
You are not a blockade or a problem.  You’re His perfect vessel, and He lives through you, not AROUND you.

“I’m not perfect—God isn’t finished with me yet.”  Actually, you are perfect in Christ, and you are finished.  You’re simply growing up in faith about that.

“I’m just a sinner saved by grace.”  The grace that saved you changed you.  You are no longer a sinner, but a son…a saint.  Do not diminish God’s grace in order to inaccurately explain behavior.

These are not humble things to say; they are lies that disguise you to yourself, injuring and blinding you to the magnificence of the gospel.  You and I cannot live well in faith about Jesus if we accept that He failed to accomplish what the gospel says He did.  Instead, we will try to become something we already are, or we will try to get rid of something He already has.  Either way, that’s crazy . . . but we’re not crazy.  We are not hybrids—both old and new—we are new creations.

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