Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Phase Out

For my old-self-has-been-crucified, new-self-has-arrived, perfect and holy, new creation co-believers (meaning you and I are in agreement), would it be too much to ask that we phase out the phrases, “I am my own worst enemy,” and “I beat myself up all the time,” and “I’ve got to get myself together”?  If, indeed, Jesus was successful in making you new, sharing His nature with you, and uniting you with Himself, then you cannot be your own worst enemy, you’re not the one beating yourself up (that’s the flesh, and not you), and there is nothing for you to get together since you’re as perfectly put together as you’re ever going to be this side of heaven. 

Those phrases become invisible barriers to finding your life and identity in Christ, because you’ve accepted something that isn’t true, which is motivating you to work on something that doesn’t exist. 

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