Saturday, May 13, 2017

Children of the King

It’s available!  Andrew Nelson’s new book has just been released, and I want you to know all about it. I wrote the foreword to the book (see below), which is also highly recommended by Andrew Farley and Tracy Levinson, whose comments I have included.  You can get it in regular format and on kindle, so click on the link and check it out!

Foreword:  Andrew has a fantastic story to tell, and you and your family are going to love it.

As parents of two daughters, my wife and I searched during their early years for beautiful and captivating stories that we could read together, all the while confident that we would be stimulating their desire to know God, The King.  Our joy was full as we talked about Him through the pages of the books we found and shared, and our daughters, now grown, look upon those stories as heart-forming treasures they will one day share with their own families. 

Children of the King will be one of those books.

With a style conducive to reading aloud with family and friends, or in private contemplation, Andrew has put together an extraordinary allegorical tale that will intrigue and deepen the faith of all who read it. The many adventurous situations our imaginative characters encounter in the spectacular land of Amoria will make you laugh out loud, worry and tear-up in relief and gratitude, and maybe even induce you to verbalize the accents of Balderdash (the kindly gnome) and Wilbur (the minstrel)—it’s that kind of great.  My daughters were delighted when I attempted the noises and sounds of our stories, and ask me to make them even today.  This remarkable book begs for that kind of involvement. 

If you’re intrigued and enamored by the King and enjoy helping others to the same, Andrew’s book is for you.

" inspiring allegory that will both entertain and encourage readers of all ages." Andrew Farley, bestselling author of "The Naked Gospel"
"...a timeless adventure that is crafted to touch the hearts and minds of readers at any age. A classic parable by all counts." Tracy Levinson, bestselling author of "Unashamed"

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