Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eeyore's Cloud

Yesterday I had what Eeyore would rightly call a “gloomy day.”

I’m in the heat of trying to please and get done as much as I can for as many as I can. I’m caring for my parents and scurrying around over-doing it for them (May I twist-off the cap of that Ensure and pour it for you, mother?), madly trying to meet with as many people as I can while I’m here in California, and seriously attempting to meet all the “We’re right at the finish line” needs of my publisher for my book.

Ahhh! (Pardon me.)

I don’t think I got anything exactly right—done. Most everything is ongoing, and not quite ready to be finished and offered up for prime time. So, in my head I’m hearing, “Hurry up and get it done!” It’s as if my mind thinks that it will be helpful to chant that over and over again—here’s your new mantra, Ralph.

I turned off my light at about, oh, 1:30 a.m…and couldn’t sleep. Great.

So when this morning’s momentary revival presented itself—a hot shower—I offered myself to the Spirit, saying, “What would you like to tell me? What little thing should I know?”

There is no condemnation.

Ahhh! Just what I needed. I had been living under Eeyore’s cloud and thinking I deserved the rain and gloom. And that’s always so helpful. You’ve had a frustrating, unproductive day—feel badly about it—that’ll help.

Well, today the Spirit is working in me. And while I’ve yet to pull anything off, or finish up perfectly a lingering-on project, in Christ I can do all things. I’m sure of it.


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