Tuesday, May 01, 2007

First Post

Well, I'm an author. The former non-author has gone (his final post was last Thursday), and the new has emerged. Can you tell?

I received a few books with my name on them late last week. My first book--in my hands. Dang, it was good!

I was at a terrific conference for Dawn Ministries, here in Denver. What wonderful people! So many strong and intriguing opinions, but not one person sought the lime light or elbowed his was to the front of the crowd. Everybody was a nobody, and nobody cared. Delightful. And those who saw my book had a terrific response to it. I was elated by their covetousness...or something like that.

I'll be posting more information in a day or two about how you can order it. For more information until then, go to http://lifecourse.org, and click on Ralph's Book.


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