Friday, January 11, 2008


How do you do when you’re sick?

Yeah, I’m sick. Nasty sore throat, stuffed-up head, dizzy focus, and the general blahs. I don’t like it. That I haven’t been sick in a long time is little consolation right now. “Gee. I’m so happy that I haven’t felt this badly in a long time. . .” Nope.

When sickness takes its’ hold on me, it can be rough going in the Spirit. It’s like being immersed in mud—no, make that a pigsty. I despise where I am, and long to be free of it. Even though I know I won’t always be here, in the mud of sickness, still the emotion of despising it makes me a grump. A weakling. A do-nothing.


But maybe I’m also feeling more than usual the slop of this world. Isn’t most everything in this world comparative slop anyway? And maybe the pigsty of sickness points out that I’m not of this world, having been made the son of another. Maybe the mud is a reminder that not only will I get well soon enough, but that one day I will be entirely well, completely free of sickness. Forever. Always well, always perfect.


But I still don’t like being sick.

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  1. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Get better soon, Ralph!