Friday, January 18, 2008

Stupid Trout

I am struck this morning with how vital it is that I see what God sees. . .and live from it. I love it! But if I don’t, I am soon caught and fouled up.

The facts are vital: I am not of this world—neither are you. The world I can see out my window is not the most real one—the invisible world is. And the world I see out the window, the passing away one, is shaped by the one I cannot see. I, too, am best seen in the invisible, spirit world. Looking there, I am revived.

But I find weariness and confusion blanket me when I am not living by faith. I suppose weariness and confusion are faithful alarms. “Wake up, Ralph. You’re not doing very well. You live by faith—remember? You’ll be revived when you look again at what God says is true.”

I live by faith, not by sight.

But, man! The temporary stuff sure lures my attention sometimes. I must look like a stupid trout, mouth agape, fining my way after the lure. “It’s so shiny, so desirable. I must have it.”

Knowing my lunatic pursuit, the Holy Spirit interrupts the danger. He’s good at interrupting. And He reminded me this morning that there is no condemnation for the trout of this world.