Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Is Everything

I look sick, I sound sick and I feel sick. Other than that I'm perfectly fine.

In honor of my sickishness, I hereby defer to those who have better things to say today than I have. I have a lot to say about all things Easter (as you would expect), but the aches in my body and the fuzz in my head require downtime.

Here's an excellent post by a great writer and friend, Steve McVey. I regularly visit what he's got going on his web site and blog. Oh, and he's on facebook, too.

Just below is an excerpt of the article:

"The message of Easter is that Jesus Christ has drawn us into Himself and settled the issue of our worth once and for all. You were in Christ on the cross and everything about you that would have debilitated you in terms of reaching the potential God intends for you was done away with there. You were buried with Him and on the third day, you arose with Him - full of resurrection life. Now the essence of who you are is Him."

Click here to continue reading.

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