Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sanitized & Innocent

The past of every Christian has been entirely sanitized and made innocent--even yesterday! Further than that, God has given to us the righteousness, the right-doing of Jesus, as our very own. If God were to talk about our past, it would be through the accurate lens of our being in Christ. He has made our past as though we’ve always been in Christ, and have loved God and our neighbor as ourselves.

Any time you might bring up something that happened “way back when,” the angle God will take on it will be what good you did or what good He did for you and through you. Go ahead—bring up something you’ve been reluctant to talk with Him about, and listen. Really listen. Your Father has been waiting for you to talk with Him about anything and everything. You’ve nothing to fear from Him.


  1. Libby DeLangie4:38 PM

    Very timely, Ralph ♥

  2. Ruby Furgeson4:39 PM

    OH YEAH ! Thank u Lord for ur SAVING GRACE+++ AMEN ;-)

  3. Sharon Fryer4:39 PM

    Once again, the "Like" button just isn't enough!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Joseph Turcott4:40 PM

    Our future is totally clean as well, regardless of our actions-this is Grace, we walk in His obedience!!!!