Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Treasured Trust

God cares less about your obedience than He does about your trust. It's why He so enjoys hanging out with you. To the extent you believe obedience is higher than trust, so is the height and thickness of the wall of failure you believe you have to keep pulling down between you and God. There is no wall—He removed it forever.


  1. Mike Mayo1:17 PM

    Liking this ... God, help me grab hold of this!

  2. Bryan Sullivan1:18 PM

    How beautifully grid-tweaking is that!

  3. Jennifer Brem1:19 PM

    But, but, but what about responsibility to do what is right?

  4. Bryan Sullivan1:19 PM

    Grace allows for sin but isn't a license for us to sin

  5. Susan Evans Ryan1:20 PM

    ralph....I am on a journey, called the ride and wishing you were here for a great teaching and equally as good steak dinner.....thanks for your amazing insights!!!!!

  6. Kathy Hamilton Lerich2:17 PM

    Love this, Ralph. An amazing, wonderful truth to wrap your head and heart around ...let those newborn legs of trust learn to stand strong on His promises and His faithfulness and His accomplished work. =)

  7. Kevin Fitzpatrick3:16 PM

    Good one

  8. Julie Belshe11:04 PM

    So very true! I love the fact that there's no wall at all, and I feel so lucky every day that he picked me out to be his special daughter, my Abba Father is the Awesome, and he loves that I trust him. And there is nothing like unconditional love!

  9. Susan Evans Ryan7:50 AM

    mike and i are hoping you get to atlanta to share your heart of wisdom with us

  10. Jonni Gooden Snyder9:04 AM

    This is great!