Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The New Self

A facebook friend asked: "Is it possible to please self and please Christ? Maybe not...."

My response: If you believe that you still have and are a bad self (and I disagree with that thinking), then I’d have to say “No.” Pleasing a bad self, one in conflict with God, which has a nature predisposed to wrath and sin, must be in conflict with pleasing Christ Jesus. Not possible.

However, if you believe (as I do) that you are a new creation, good self, one sharing in the nature of God and in newness of life, my answer is “Yes.” Hooray! The new self has been created in Christ Jesus and is holy, righteous and blameless—pleasing Christ is the nature of the new self. It’s normal.


  1. Cliff Gableman12:05 AM

    Thanks Ralph

  2. Lacey Faith12:06 AM

    When I use the leadership skills God has given me for the glory of God and the good of all people, and I see people's lives' changed from the impact, I feel quite tickled. And I know God is also pleased that I'm well-stewarding the talents He's given me by putting the talents to work.

  3. Julie Belshe7:55 AM

    So True! Can't let the lies of the enemy creap in to say otherwise, because the enemy will try daily! We are Holy, Righteous and Blameless Now and Forever His!!!

  4. Dafré Troskie9:48 AM

    Maybe it is like being pleased to be in Christ, a continual pleasure in knowing our Life in Him, and nothing could ever distract us from Truth in Him. Being pleased and pleasing self could sound like oposites unless the person knows himself in Him, only able to be pleased by the fullness of Him within.

  5. Sandra Clark10:50 AM

    Yes Ralph, I agree. We should just discover. God was never involved with good or bad, that is judgment under a standard created by man and by law. He was only ever intrested in intimacy with us. From the beginning we have been occupied with the tree of good and evil, God only ever saw the tree of life. Once we realise we do not need to judge to please God , not even judge ourselves, we can start experiencing intimacy.