Thursday, June 30, 2011

I See You

When Paul came amongst the Corinthians, he wanted to know nothing "except Jesus Christ and him crucified" (1 Cor 2:2). Knowing Jesus, right in front of people, is enormously freeing and invigorating, and we're convinced that we lack nothing as we do.

Further, knowing He was crucified reminds us that no one needs to die for sin because, in Him, we already have. That changes our approach to people because we see them through the eyes of faith in Christ Jesus. We're not pretending! We're living by faith in Christ. We believe He’s right about what He has done to and for people, and that's reality.


  1. André van der Merwe12:10 PM

    Spot on!! Love it!

  2. Kathy Hamilton Lerich12:12 PM

    Great post!

  3. Jesse Lee Wilson12:13 PM


  4. Don Keathley12:16 PM

    That is one good post. I don't see how anyone could misunderstand what you are getting across. Thank you for your insights and the time it takes to put this mini teachings together. You are a gift to the body.

  5. Daniel Mentz2:57 PM

    Yes, we dont hear Christ crucified being preached.

  6. Kathleen Quinn Lubahn8:06 PM

    Well put Ralph! We just finished a month long study of Paul, Timothy & Barnabas...with encouragement to be one and find one in your life

  7. Rene Trabu8:31 AM

    Amen ♥

  8. Dafré Troskie11:35 AM

    Very powerful Truth! Thanks Ralph!

  9. Andre Rabe3:28 PM

    It is such a key ... to become exclusive in our knowledge.

  10. Nancy Gilmore3:29 PM

    Love it, Ralph! and not only that, it wouldn't do any good for anyone else to die for sin, besides Jesus; no one else qualifies as God's Propitiation for sin.