Friday, July 01, 2011

Say What?!

In my Cultural Truths That Bear Repeating file:

"I don't want to make a nucular case out of all this, but to be pacific--I, too, get expecially flustrated when people mispronunciate words. I think I'll just go unthaw me some deli meat and make me a samwich with chipulltay and manayze. Sounds good, if you axe me." -Doug Meeker


  1. Monica Smith Witt12:07 PM

    You said that good, Ralph....

  2. Thanks alot, Monica.

  3. Doug Meeker12:08 PM

    That's what happens when you take schoolin for granite.

  4. Bart Breen12:08 PM

    In the immortal words of Don Heron (aka Charlie Farquarson on HeeHaw), "No one wants to read writin', when it's written rotten ..."

  5. Matt Gill12:30 PM

    Don't be goin all nukular bout this!

  6. Monica Smith Witt12:37 PM

    You made me laugh out loud with that "alot" Ralph...I have a permanent and vivid memory of Mrs. Davidson in 7th grade English writing "ALOT" across the board and saying: "This is pronounced 'A-Lut'...A Lot are TWO words, NOT ONE!!!"

  7. Sue Humphreys Thompson12:38 PM

    Current pet peeve, because the esteemed members of Congress practice this lazy talk: "Sosh Security." Apparently, the two syllables of the word "social" are just too lengthy.

  8. At an ice cream store my dad would ask the server, "What's this?" Pointing to a type, he'd get the server to identify it: "That's Sherbert." And you can guess what he would then say. "It's spelled with only one 'r'. Why do you add another?" The response was usually a dull sort of stare and, "What?" He'd then say, "It's a sure bet it's pronounced Sher-bet."

  9. Kathy Hamilton Lerich12:53 PM

    That's hilarious!