Thursday, July 28, 2011

No Need To Hide From God

“The ministry of reconciliation” means that, all by Himself, God has done everything needed for a perfect family reunion. Through the cross and resurrection, our sin and failure and ugliness and weakness and resistance to God doesn’t matter—the party has started, and our place is secured. The ministry or message of reconciliation is both the proclamation of that fact (“You can come in now!”) and the insistence of our fit (“You belong!”). You’re family!

To some people, the message is an appeal to come for the first time. We, the church, are ambassadors of that incredible message in a land of foreigners, a worldwide arena of those who have not yet received Christ and are not yet family. Come on in!

But to others—to those already reconciled and part of the party already—our message is an ongoing insistence that we’re family and have no reason to hide. Not anything. Not ever. We’re in. We belong. (Excerpted from my book, God’s Astounding Opinion of You, chapter 14: Stripping Mummies: Finding Freedom and Life Outside the Tomb. For info about it, go to


  1. Chris Lyon10:05 AM

    Ok time to buy the book! Can I ge tit on my nook or Ipad?

  2. Garvisa Garner Stroud10:08 AM

    Ralph, thanks for continuing to share this amazing truth. I appreciate you.

  3. Garvisa, you're welcome, and thank you.

    Chris, I have typed "ge tit" before too! I've been fortunate to correct it before posting. Alas, not so for you! And yes, my book is available not only all over the place, but in all E-book formats. Thank you, Chris, for lightening my day!

  4. Chris Lyon10:10 AM

    I did notice that LOL well it only renforces what you are saying in your book God still likes me typos and all!

  5. Rebecca Johanson Lucas10:11 AM

    It's interesting to me how, because of family-of-origin issues, it can be a challenge to grasp some spiritual truths about being in God's family (i.e. God as a connected, loving father, family as accepting). So glad perfection isn't required! :)

  6. Well said, Rebecca! And if God thinks He has made you perfect (Heb. 10:14, for ex.) and perfectly well-off with Him, then who are we to argue? Hooray for God!

  7. Rebecca Johanson Lucas10:18 AM

    Thanks for your inscription in the book, BTW. I told my husband I should write that in the front of every book I give away - ever! Even if it's an unrelated topic, it's such a great truth! :)