Friday, July 15, 2011

You've Got It Goin' On!

Having been made a new creation, a new self, the old self has nothing to do with our current existence. We are not our own worst problem, nor His—we are His greatest workmanship. What if we believed it?

Some have confused the two words, self and flesh, but they are not the same. Self (the old man) was crucified (Rom 6:6) and removed in favor of the new self, the new man, which shares in the very nature of God. We have one nature at a time and one self at a time. If we had even remnants of the old self, then that would mean we have two selves at the same time. We do not.

This confusion has led many to unnecessarily demean and distrust themselves, all while thinking it wise to do so. “I’m a new creation,” they might say, “but I sure don’t want to trust myself.” “The worst part of relationships,” they might say, “is that you take self into them.”

I contend that Jesus would be delighted for you to trust your true self and for you to enjoy your true self in every relationship. Having faith in Him about His workmanship glorifies Him, and it frees you from fear and a false and endless war of self-annihilation. There is no war against self—He gave you a new self through the cross and resurrection, and His victory is also ours.

You’re fantastic. Or, as my daughter would say, “You’ve got it goin’ on!”


  1. Linda Holland9:42 AM

    AWESOME Ralph!

  2. Andrea Garzón10:30 AM

    Wow! This is so timely. The Spirit is awesome!

  3. Nicole Phillips10:33 AM

    LOVE IT RALPH.. word of LIFE and PEACE..

  4. Jeanne Schlumbohm11:28 AM

    So true bro....thanks for reminding of this. I have the mind of Christ now!!

  5. Deborah Smith Vani12:05 PM

    Hallelujah Ralph - Have a great weekend♥

  6. Mary Melchert12:54 PM

    That is a good word to think of...I get tired and I admit I'm fighting it right now when wisdom says rest...and that rest I truly need right now...there comes a time when I just love to work for the Lord and I may be getting or slowly slipping into the "having to work for the Lord" not to look for favor but to keep busy and not take care of the body...I may just go lay at my dish for a while...and get my plate full of the anyone??

  7. Santhosh Jacob3:06 PM

    I needed to hear this!

  8. Luis Leiva3:06 PM

    Great stuff bro!

  9. Don Burzynski4:26 PM


  10. Mark Vilen11:12 PM

    It's always good to be reminded of these truths, Ralph. Thanks.