Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Treasure Treasured

What if our life’s best work is to treasure our Treasure? And what if that explains most all of what goes wrong with us who aren’t finding Jesus as greatest treasure?

Have you noticed what happens to you when you find (again) Jesus as treasurable? Do you then have to force yourself to have a good attitude? To be compassionate? To obey God? To love others? No. Hmm. I wonder if there’s a lifestyle there. . .Treasure treasured produces. (Matthew 13:44; John 6:28-29)


  1. Kelly Atkinson Stull9:14 AM

    Living loved!

  2. Sheila Vertoli9:16 AM

    The sweetest thing in all my life is treasuring the Treasure. Treasure hunting is my passion. ♥

  3. Terrific comments, ladies. Isn't it wonderful that we know this already?

  4. Lisa Fowler12:00 PM

    Learning how much my Treasurer treasures me has changed this treasure's life. ♥

  5. Pam Burrell Kilpatrick2:29 PM

    Unfortunately life is not so easily explained. A lot of what happens to us in this life is due to the choices of others the create circumstances beyond our own choices or what we would wish for. I do agree with the fact that when we "see" how great a treasure we have we can't help but live effortlessly in the power of the greatness of that treasure!

  6. After the “work” of treasuring our Treasure (of being enamored with Jesus), I think the best labor in our days is to help others to find and to treasure the Treasure—those of us who are wounded and those of us who do the wounding. The Treasure will always be the cure. (John 6:28-29)