Friday, February 03, 2012


It’s not so much about trusting God with my life given to Him, it’s about trusting God with His life given to me. After all, Jesus didn’t receive my life when I gave it to Him, I received His. Kindly and graciously, He crucified my former life and gave me another—His. I’m learning to trust Him in me.

What a wonder that is.

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  1. Ralph, this is such a mega profound and urgently essential word on the Word in a nutshell - thank you! I’ve laminated it and put it on our fridge for ongoing refreshings, and made copies of it to give away. I know that it is as we increasing walk in this reality of Jesus as our real Life, versus believing in the life we see when we look in the outer mirrors of appearances, that true growth occurs, our seeing and experiencing ever more fully the pleasure of our God in us in Him, and the joy of real intimacy with Jesus. Thank you for ongoingly being such a overflowing well of Life for my days in these great and life transfiguring realities. Hmm, I see such speakings of the Truth are our real and greatest "well-ness" need, just as He tells us(Eph 4:15)! I praise our God for you! Lynn