Monday, March 12, 2012

Claim To Fame


I have never been able to motivate God to love me. He has never once conveyed to me that He loves me now more than He once did. Not one time has He ever told me that His love for me is deeper, better, seasoned, more fun, more full, more reliable, or more secure. I haven't done a thing—good or bad—to bring about any change in what I had at the first. Maybe that will be my claim to fame: "While failing to do anything to deserve it or lose it, the chief end of Ralph’s life was that he knew that God loved him like crazy all the time, no matter what." Come to think of it, maybe that’s His claim to fame.

Is this how He is with you too?


  1. Ruth Queale Coleman2:52 PM

    Yes and Amen! God loves me like crazy all the time no matter what! Thanks Ralph, I needed to hear that. Bless you!

  2. Rudi Taylor2:52 PM


  3. Ana Rich5:04 PM

    Oh, yesssss! This is so good!

  4. Carol Grace Robinson5:05 PM

    Ralph, good message.........nice tongue!!

  5. Melita Magpie Mickan5:07 PM

    The greatest thing I have ever learned is that I can't do anything better for Jesus to be more pleased with me: He just is and always has been pleased with me, proud of me and happy to bless me abundantly.

  6. Tom Bradshaw l5:35 PM

    Love it RALPHand the pic too !....... nothing like living a life with no condemnation of conscience ...he loves me

  7. Chris Kimmell5:36 PM

    Absolutely, positively, unabashedly, YES!!!!!!!

  8. Ana Rich8:21 PM

    THANK YOU! Papa's LOVE never fails to undo me! And all I have to do is rest in His arms and take it all in! Wow, Such a Great LOVE I will never be able to comprehend!!!