Monday, March 26, 2012

Misery Loves Commandments

Now that Christians are no longer weighed down by sin (since it has been removed and forgiven), a continued focus upon it is counter-productive. A continued pondering or pointing out of sin does not provide balance but bondage. Sin seizes opportunities brought about by sin-avoiding, behavior management commandments—always has and always will—and death results. Sin makes the most of commandments; it takes advantage of them, no matter how good they look. (See Rom 7:7-11, 21-25; 1 Cor 15:56 “…the power of sin is the law.”)

In fact, the law and our attempt at rule-keeping empowers sin, so the better looking the commandment, the more likely the disappointment will be deep. Consider Mr. Expert's lament (the apostle Paul) and summary in Galatians 5 and Philippians 3 — “It’s all rubbish!”

That kind of life is the best attempt this world has, but it is not Christian life. Those fixated will trade experiencing the life of Christ (not a life lived for Him, but His life found in us) for days of behavior management. . .and the failure which must come from it.

By focusing upon Christ, who is our life and who dwells in us, is the fruit of the Spirit produced. The Spirit living in us is in conflict with the flesh, and by our sowing toward Him (talking with Him, focusing upon Jesus and the cross and resurrection, enjoying all that is ours through the New Covenant, etc.) does He win that conflict. And Christ’s life comes out! (See Gal 5:16-25) It’s amazing and miraculous. And it’s real and true.

What I am getting at is Christ in us, found by us, and lived through us. That’s LIFE—His life now made mine. A proper focus is what’s needed.

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