Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Gate's Open

You can catch the flesh and the devil at his game by growing wise to their tactic of remembering for you what God has already forgotten; your sins. (See Heb 8:12)

It’s not that you’ll never remember anything regretfully from the past, but their strategy is that you should accept and bear a heavy load of remorse as a way of navigating the future. It isn’t so. Christ took responsibility for your sins (2 Cor 5:21) and got rid of them. Why should you try to bear what He already has? It is finished.

Faith, trust and humility is the way forward. That should mean some fun, don’t you think?


  1. Sherry Thompson10:13 AM

    Fun Fun Fun in the Son.. Woo to the HOO

  2. Herb Sims10:13 AM

    Great words and a great image!!!

  3. Craig Castleman10:14 AM

    Yes, love it Ralph, thx bro.

  4. Colin Lagerwall10:36 AM

    Fun is definitely on the menu..even in the presence of our accuser, He has a feast prepared !

  5. Mike Quarles1:01 PM

    If we could just keep in mind that it is finished, it would make life a lot easier and it would be a lot more fun.

  6. Ben Thompson1:12 PM

    I love this. One of those tactics I've found that the enemy tries to trip me up with is feeling guilty over NOT feeling guilty or remorse about past attitudes/sins - or that I don't remember many of them. I choose not to play the morbid introspection game. He plays a great con-job of trying to make me think that the reason why I don't remember much of them or don't feel guilty is because "I'm so blinded by my pride that I surely musn't be convinced yet that I'm not good, haven't come to the end of my rope yet - and how could I possibly be in Christ?"...I've learned that the only way to be wise to the error of this is to take Jesus at his word, take a step back and see things for what they are - that He loves us all in spite of where we've been or what we've done and to live in the present - trusting in Him and what he has accomplished for us. It really is all Him and none of us, and He never meant it to be any other way.

  7. Ben, you've put into words what many of us will love to read. Thank you!

  8. Ben Thompson2:20 PM

    I'm just glad I was finally able to. It was a struggle of mine for the past 12 or so years - I never could seem to really put down into words or express what I was struggling about to others. It has been a reminder that we can all be vulnerable to the lies that satan uses to throw us into confusion and fear - he's had thousands of years to perfect them, but the good news is that Jesus has never needed to perfect the truth and that He ultimately sets us free!

  9. Andy Nelson6:43 PM

    Love it Ralph! More Christ conscious than sin conscious is the goal

  10. Julie Morris9:08 AM

    Great picture and truth! thanks