Thursday, August 01, 2013

An Original Production

Teaching that persuades us to become preoccupied with the fruit, benefit and look of knowing God—“Here’s how to be nicer, feel better, and look like Jesus”—but not with the reality must be avoided.  There are those who will demand exceptions for “holding people accountable,” and for prescribing avenues for better behavior, better marriages and better results, but transformed lives come by looking at the cross, resurrection and person of Christ, not from the attempt to emulate Him. 

The Christian life cannot be summed as the attempt to “be like Jesus.”  Not only is that the same lie with which Satan lured and stole from Adam and Eve in the Garden, but it has the same effect today.  The life of “Christ in you” is produced by Him—that’s the thrill—as He deepens your knowledge of His grace and love for you.  You and I are His workmanship—and that’s the life.

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