Friday, March 06, 2009

The Church Search

Here's an interesting article a friend told me about in the online version of Slate magazine. It's about church hopping--and the benefits it brings.

Now there's a twist.

Without endorsing the mag, it's worth reading.

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Tell me what you think.


  1. The article is perfect for those that want a "Goods and services" approach to what is real rather than a relationship to WHO is real. We rarely "shop" for things we need - we just go out and get it. We usually shop for things we want - comparing this to that and how will I look if I have that one instead of this one, and what does this one require of me that that one does not kind of thinking.

    On the other hand, we NEED relationship, as you pointed out in your blog post on starving for Him a few days ago. But the world has convinced me to settle for the counterfeit of going after what I think will be an acceptable substitute - the wants. We Want a better lead singer, better child care, a teen program, better graphics to illustrate the sermon theme, a pastor that does not exhibit sin, etc.

    But the odd thing is that as often as I encountered those things in my search, I still longed for relationship with Jesus. Real relationship. The kind where he and I talked a lot about whatever. Where I learned he delighted in me.

    I am finally learning to shed the wants that religion and all its man-made marketing techniques to get my attention have laid before me (Yes, even you Mega Church in Chicago) and drink deeply from my walk with him when I am feeling rejected (happens a lot in this household).

    And if this doesn't work, guess I will try another church...kidding

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I get such a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when reading this foolish nonsense. Unbelievable... No wonder people hop around. The word "unchurched" alone has become a common word amongst Christians today. Jesus didn't die to give us a religion, Christianity, membership in an organization, etc. but to give us HIS life. In Him and Him only are we the body of Christ, The True and only Church! This is what the mystery that Paul speaks of is all about. Shoot, not even the old testament saints new this was coming.

    Satan has been totally effective in his campain marketing strategies. Mega this, emerging that, evangelical this, protastant that, revival this, reform that, denomination this, non denomination that, pre trip/mid trib/post trib and on & on it goes. I don't give a trib (that's because I won't be here when it happens)!

    Oh to be like Isaiah when he said in the presence of almighty, Woe me, I am undone! Lord please undo us all!!!!!!