Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh, Great

Perhaps by now you've heard of David Wilkerson's prophecy. In essence, he believes that God has told him a great, nationwide catastrophe is coming very soon because He is judging the sins of our nation.

As I wrote in my post a week ago (A Beautiful Stumbling), I have heard these kinds of things before. I always listen or read them with respect, but then pray and ask the Spirit "What gives?" or something like that. I mean, who knows?

But what really gets me is when people begin adding fanciful stories to them. That can really get us stirred up, and not only do we look dumb, we often grow disillusioned and calloused to any genuine word or revelation of the Spirit.

So when a good man and friend sent me the following story, which supposedly lends strength to Wilkerson's credibility, I checked it out on Sure enough, it is false.

I am including the story below so if you see it again, you can gently and confidently put a long knife to it. Besides, I'm sure Wilkerson doesn't like this kind of thing any more than I do.

Here's the link to the snopes report:

Here's the story:

Heed Wilkerson's warning - World Net Daily
Janet Porter - March 10, 2009

When I was a kid, I read about David Wilkerson who took to Gospel to the gangs of New York. I even saw the movie "The Cross and the Switchblade" that was made about him. Many know about that, but most don't know what happened in his church just eight years ago.

In the fall of 2001, Pastor David Wilkerson, of Times Square Church in New York City, was warned by God that a calamity was coming. For six weeks they felt an intense burden and enormous heaviness. A critical need for intercession was so profound that Pastor Wilkerson canceled everything on the church calendar: mission's conferences, youth events and every guest speaker.

For six weeks, there wasn't a sermon. Instead, there was intercession for our nation with weeping and repentance. They knew something was coming and that something was bad. And that something was soon. So they prayed. And prayed and prayed.

Then Wilkerson felt God telling him something that seemed rather bizarre. He felt God telling him to make sandwiches ? lots of sandwiches. What were they for? Who would eat them? That part wasn't clear, but his church did what they believed God was telling them anyway.

And on the 10th of September they stayed up all night making hundreds and hundreds of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. By morning they had about 2,000 sandwiches. At 8:46 a.m. the first plane hit the World Trade Center and Times Square Church was ready to feed and minister to rescue workers and victims of our nation's worst attack.

Making sandwiches all night is a strange thing to do. If someone told me to stay up all night making sandwiches, I'd probably tell them they were crazy. But if David Wilkerson says he's heard something from God today, I think we'd be crazy not to listen.

He now says he feels the same thing he felt leading up to the attack by radical Islam.

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  1. I read the same story lately, I think on someone's Facebook account, and I just had to shake my head! I thought, "Come on people, don't just believe everything you hear!" Snopes is great at dispelling so much of this bologna. :)