Friday, March 13, 2009

This Week's LifeNote

So how do you think God is doing these days? With all that’s going on, what kind of mood do you suppose He’s in? Considering all the foolishness and greed and lust and crime and cheating and injustice, what might He say if the two of you were to sit together for a little while?

Would it be doom and gloom?

Most of us are little bit fearful today. Maybe a lot. There are reasons enough. However, the incredible news of God’s grace and mercy to us in Christ will buoy your heart and settle your mind. The gospel is still the power of God, and it will preserve you in this day when the world trembles. You will be kept by it, and filled with the Spirit.

What follows just below is this week’s LifeNote, a once a week email blast to those who love God and His gospel. . .and who need both desperately. If you might like to receive them, go to and click on LifeNotes. They're free.

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