Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take 2 About The Anger of God

How are you?

Well, this week’s LifeNote is a doosie, a real barn-burner. It is sure to be a rigorous workout, as well, so I suggest you prepare to have your thinking challenged.

It’s about the anger of God, and it’s about you.

My hope is that you will be relieved of misconceptions and fear, two things that seem to be plaguing a lot of us today. We’ll take a close look at scripture, and it is my belief that you will know the love and security of God for you and for the future as a result of your reading adventure.

And would you pray for me and for my family? I leave tomorrow morning for Vancouver, Canada, to be the speaker at a Men’s Ministry retreat over the weekend. Unless the 8-15” of snow we’re supposed to get tonight and tomorrow delay my plans.

Thanks for your love and care,


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