Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quote of the Day

(Ooh. This will make you think.)

"It's valuable for the body of Christ to find one another and share His life together. Where people are doing that they don't need commitment. They'll bend over backward to be with one another. Where they aren't doing that, it does little good just to be committed to a meeting. I'm convinced that most Christian meetings give people enough of God's things to inoculate them against the reality of His presence . . . Discipline holds great value when your eye is on the treasure. But as a substitute for that treasure, obligation can be a real detriment when it gives you satisfaction just for completing a task."


  1. Victoria Thomas Gaines3:59 PM

    It *does* make you think!

  2. Jennifer Brem4:00 PM

    Was just looking at buying this book online and decided to look at the negative reviews for fun. Here is my favorite. "I wouldn't doubt that most new age type groups would cherish this book! We as depraved sinners don't know what we need a lot of the time. That's why we need the authoritative Scriptures like we need bread and water daily." Is it just me or would "bread and water" switch out nicely with "spanking" in that sentence?

  3. Debbie Rector4:00 PM

    Okay! I'm going to buy & read this book! Thanks for sharing<3