Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Christ In The Moment

(I think my friend, Chris Kimmell, nails this, and it's very relevant and helpful for me today. Well done, man!)

Often times we spend so much time trying to understand. We study and contemplate. We dissect situations, trying to imagine the outcome. We focus on what will be accomplished and try to look far into the future.

In our contemplation we miss the journey. In looking to the future we miss the present. In focusing on what God will do, we ignore what He is doing.

The living is now. God is in this moment. If we knew what was to come we wouldn't appreciate the journey. Embrace what is in front of you right now, this is your gift, this is your blessing.

Christ is in the living of life, not the contemplation of it. Christ is in this very moment, live it to the fullest. To Live IS Christ.

- Chris Kimmell

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