Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Way of Grace

My best work is often simply expressing frustration to Jesus.  He has no struggle, not with me, not with the truth, nor with things invisible and eternal.  In offering my struggles to Him, He works in me the Way that He is, and the Truth and the Life.  I'm getting better at believing that He is perfect with me. 

And that's the way of grace.


  1. Hope Faith12:24 PM

    Stolen fruit in India has meant death for a few young boys this mango season so be careful.

  2. Oh! Oops! I hope to keep my fruit stealing confined to Colorado. :)

  3. Tom NeSmith12:25 PM

    I totally argree. Faith is not assent to a system of logic (simply believing something you're told). Faith is what develops as a result of the struggle with God.

  4. Ooh. I like that, Tom. That helps.

  5. Joel Brueseke12:32 PM

    There are two parallel streets that I pass on my way home from work... Graceline Blvd and Lovejoy Ave. I'd like to live right in between those streets. :)