Saturday, May 05, 2012

Maybe Ignorance Is Bliss Is Better

Sometimes “. . .you have not because you ask not,” is better.  Right?  Ha!


  1. Gloria Torres9:44 PM

    My Pastor said that once he asked for a sign from God and in that moment a truck almost ran him over..... I believe he never asked for a sign again ;)

  2. Jake Enns9:44 PM

    Heaven dances and sings even for us who sit behind computers all day. What better place can there be except where heaven sings?

  3. Genesis Williams9:46 PM

    I laughed so hard when I read this! Thanks!!!! That is perfect!

  4. Denise Maynard9:46 PM

    No matter what our purpose, heaven rejoices and sings! Love it. Yeah for the little people! We can be ordinary with flair as I once heard someone ordinary say. I embraced it!