Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Someone Else

The worst thing that could ever happen to me already has.  My sin and shame and failure and guilt were found out, put on open display, and Someone Else claimed responsibility.  It was a terrible and wonderful day, and I’m still getting used to it.


  1. Darla Bingham Goforth Hecker9:59 AM

    Always......your words touch my heart so deeply and I needed this for a Tuesday morning

  2. Darla, I mostly need revival in this all the time. And if, in fact, the gospel is the power of God, I'm set up for a lot of it. And thank you, my friend.

  3. Joseph Suberu10:00 AM

    Joseph Suberu Even me... Its still difficult to understand how Jesus just washed my sins and declares me not guilty. Amazing Grace! Thank you Jesus

  4. Sandra Cullipher10:00 AM

    Jesus died to forgive us and for us to also forgive ourselves thank you Lord

  5. Carol Lynn Thompson4:04 PM

    Love the way you put that,thanking JESUS everyday.

  6. Joyce Smith4:05 PM

    Brings tears to my eyes. If that isn't love ...