Friday, July 27, 2012

Love Works

God’s love is made complete when we know it and then can’t help but express it to others. I think it's His most-fun work—revealing and lavishing His love upon us, knowing it’s on the way somewhere else.

If you’re not much the loving sort just now, get some of His for you. That’ll take care of things because that’s how love works.


  1. Carolyn Kistner2:26 PM

    Loving kindness is the true heart of the Father ... we can't help but spread it on others!!

  2. Donna LadyGrace Crowley2:28 PM

    I agree with you Ralph that it delights the Father to reveal to us the truth about who we really are in Christ and how much he adores us.

  3. God's love for me is the best, most addicting thing I know. And I'm so glad.