Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where The Wonder Is

Many think almost exclusively of what Christ has done for them, and overlook what He is doing in them; they look at redemption upon the divine side as a finished work, and fail to look at it upon the human side as a continuous work; they are so much taken up with the ideal of Christ dying upon the cross for their offenses as almost to forget that He is living in their hearts to guide, to inspire, to bless, to save. 
– James M. Campbell, 1895

This is the Jesus we get to know, the mystery hidden for the ages, but now revealed to us, received by us, and now in us—Christ in you.  What He did gave us life; what He does reveals and directs it.  And that’s where the wonder is!


  1. Donna Lowderback Austin9:25 AM

    Amazing that Mr. Campbell wrote that in 1895. Soooo true.

  2. Evidently, Jesus was the highest delight in his life, too, even back then. It's almost like God has a theme going on. . .Hmm. . .What if? :)

  3. Lee Brown9:25 AM

    This is what I have been trying to put into words lately. Thank you for nailing it for me! :-)

  4. John Zulauf4:22 PM

    Hope of glory... sometimes it seems faint, usually when I'm looking the wrong way or simply have my eyes closed. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Terese Brasile4:22 PM

    God dwells inside you.. not tomorrow not in heaven in the now.. I live it and breathe it. I feel it so much I sometimes cannot contain the joy and cry.. God is one and how you know is when you break off into showing your ego you know you have separated and you hurry to be as one again... This is GOD and nothiing on this planet is greater than this feeling I have been blessed to recognize and honor.

  6. Dave O'Brien4:23 PM

    Let's face it Ralph, we Christians need to stop pretending we are something we're not! Col 2:10; Heb 10:14 :-)

  7. John Zulauf4:24 PM

    I was meditating on the phrase "hope of glory" -- and realized that more than "in the everafter" it's a "here and now" -- that as I live with Christ there is the possibility (the hope) of the healing, miraculous, presence, and work of the Holy God (the glory) leaking out of me to bring faith, hope, love, healing, restoration in the midst of this broken dying wasteland that surrounds us.

    ... and it's wonderful!