Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Truth Versus Position

We find it very difficult to trust that Truth is first a Person—Jesus—and not a position. It’s getting easier to discern those who have been induced to build their position and to prosecute by it, from those who remain at rest in Christ, content for Him to be for others what He is for them—the way, the truth, and the life.


  1. Yolanda Cohen Stith4:21 PM

    And you shall know the TRUTH (Jesus) and the truth shall set you free!!!

  2. Exactly. Thank you, Yolanda.

  3. David Cracraft4:25 PM

    Whenever my eyes judge people for whatever reason, I'll say to myself, "It doesn't matter, Jesus loves them as much as he loves me."

  4. Mike Q Daniel4:25 PM

    Good reminders. When we are focused on Him, our perspective of others is always different. The flesh gets blurry and we see Christ within their field of view!

  5. Nancy Troup Olander4:26 PM

    First a person and not a position is what I needed to hear today. And welcome home!

  6. Dene Craill Thompson4:27 PM

    Love this!