Monday, July 09, 2012

Where's The Thrill?

If you accept only what your eyes tell you, particularly about people, you’ll soon wonder why the thrill of being a son or daughter of God has leaked from your heart.  That is one of the top reasons wonderful, holy, and perfect sons and daughters begin to falter and lose vigor—they believe what their eyes say about people.  When they do, they cannot approach them in faith about Jesus’ cross and resurrection—what that did for mankind—so their Christianity becomes relatively impractical and paralyzed.  They’re drying out because they’re out of focus. 

As the political season heats up, pay attention to what happens to your sight and to God’s love in you when you see or hear or talk about Obama or Romney or Bush.  You might want to re-focus on Christ and your position in Him.  That’s reality, and that will help you to see.

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