Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Encouragement Tour, La Jolla, California

So far on the tour, this is my favorite meeting. (Dis)honestly, it had nothing to do with the location—George’s on the Cove, in La Jolla, California. I was ridiculously fortunate to get a major dose of all things beach, including sea lions sunning and barking at each other on the rocks below us, and fresh albacore, a favorite of mine since I began catching them well off the coast with my dad and brothers in the late 60’s. Pictured with me is Paul Hatten a beautiful Aussie man with a family to match, who is starting a church in August in the Escondido area. If I lived anywhere near there (like within 50 miles or so), I’d go. He knows the love and grace of God, and in a deeply intriguing way, that channels and filters into everything he does. If you get the opportunity, listen to this man.

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