Monday, July 07, 2014

The Faithfulness of Frustrated Longing

Have you found that much of this world's pressure and torment ends up serving your desire for Jesus?  Has that happened for you? 

God has made us to have deep yearnings for love and life and satisfaction, and if we are finding this world as it is—faulty and frustrating—then it's likely that we'll find Him as the contrasting and constant treasure He is.  That’s something of the plan.

It's difficult, I know!  But if our “citizenship is in heaven,” and we are just now a sort of loosely assembled, heavenly colony, then doesn’t it figure that you and I already find most enjoyable the truth and sustenance which one day will be ours without measure?  In a word, He is Jesus.  Fortunately, we’re already listed in the logbook and scheduled for the coming rescue flight and home-going party.  What a feast of love and life and satisfaction that will be.

Until that day, we’ve got what the apostle Paul wrote about in Philippians 1—the longing to depart this world and to be with Christ, which is the greatest thing, and the attendant knowledge that we’re likely going to be here a fruitful while longer.

Hang in there, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God.  Jesus really is faithful and capable with you.  It’s Him you want, and it’s Him you have.

(This is a transcript of a September 2013 video, “The Faithfulness of Frustrated Longing,” and is for those who might rather read than watch.  To see the video, click  You may also subscribe to these regular videos by clicking the red “Subscribe” button while there.)

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