Friday, July 11, 2014

The Encouragement Tour (West Coast)

And the Encouragement Tour (West Coast) begins.  I will be meeting with a group in Sacramento to begin with (Friday – Monday), then fly to San Diego where I’ll meet with several people, families and small groups (Monday – Thursday), drive to the Los Angeles area and meet with people, families and small groups, and attend my High School 40th Reunion (Thursday – Monday), and then fly to Phoenix where I’ll do pretty much the same thing:  meet with several people, families and small groups (Monday – Thursday).  I get home to Colorado on Friday, when I will fairly collapse into my wife and daughters. (I'm unable to get to the northwest this time around, but read on for a good option.)

Some have asked for the locations of these meetings, but, as I first encouraged, they are mostly small and/or private groups.  If you’d like to do something like this next time, just ask, and I’ll get to you as soon as I can.  There is another way for us to meet—one that I really like and do quite often:

For those near Atlanta, Georgia, I have a couple of open dates on this summer’s Encouragement Tour (East Coast):  Wednesday, August 12; and Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 14-16.  If you’d like to meet together or ask me to speak with your group or church, simply ask and I’ll do my best.

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