Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's A Mess

(Photo provided by NASA of smoke in the San Diego area.)

While I am somewhat removed from the fires plaguing the San Diego area (to say nothing of those north of here), things are sure a mess of gloom and tragedy out here.

There are 14 fires burning.

Over 300,000 people have been evacuated.

374 square miles have already burned.

Nearly 700 homes are gone, 128 in one community alone.

Wind gusts of 70 mph have been reported, driving the fire at a crazy pace.

Traffic congestion is terrible, city services are stretched terribly thin, and businesses are scrambling both to meet demands and keep their doors open. It's pretty upside down around here.

Would you pray for us? While I will be leaving tomorrow for the L.A. area to speak to groups and churches (which promises to be an adventurous drive), I'll be watching and praying with you.

Thank you.

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