Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Marveling In Montana

What an incredible time I had in Montana. Wish you could have been there.

This home church/group was a particularly brilliant batch of sons and daughters of God, and together we were delighted by Him. There were so many moments when it was as if the Spirit drew back the worldly curtain hiding the glory of God in His people—and we marveled. Can you imagine?

We knew each other as we have become—the righteous, holy and faultless sons and daughters of God—more so than as we behave or look. They were Montana people, but they were born of heaven and they knew. Now that’s something.

We talked for hours together about what it took for God to make us new creations, how to live in light of that fact, how we’ve been prevented from living by faith in God, and how to live on purpose in the freedom He has given us. In essence, the Montana-ites knew what God thought of them, were a bit dazzled by it (nothing wrong with that!), and yearned to live by faith in God’s opinion of them. We talked a lot about how to do that in our everyday lives, as well. We’re set up for it.

It was quite a trip. More, please!

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