Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Old Home At last

It was quite a drive north today.

Officials opened the 5 freeway just before I left San Diego, so I decided to make the dash along the coast, rather than going inland. It proved a good decision.

While there was fire on and around Camp Pendleton that came right to the edge of the freeway (for about fifteen miles), the worst had just past. The first two photos show the well-known weigh station here, which also provides a headquarters for the California Highway Patrol. The fire had reached to the very doorstep of the facility, but had not burned it. You can see the fire had just begun to recede as I passed by.

So I'm settled in at my parents home where I grew up, my old home, now to enjoy several days of smoke and ash. Ah, memories. There are many fires in the L.A. area, as well, that will contribute to the smoke and ash, but do not endanger me in the least. . .Think of the smog!

Thank you for praying for me--I truly appreciate it.

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