Saturday, October 20, 2007


I missed my flight.

In the dash to depart yesterday, every little thing that could delay me by 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there, happened. A lot.

When I offered my luggage at the check-in counter, the representative said, “It’s too late to check your bag. You’ll have to carry it on.” Of course.

So, the security people graciously removed toothpaste, hair gel and astringent from my bag, encouraging me with, “You know, sir, you can’t take this on the plane. You should have known that.” I said something like, “I did know that, but I didn’t know I would have to take my bag through security. I thought I could check it and didn’t plan for this to happen.” “Nevertheless, sir. There are signs posted. . .”

Thank you so much, Mr. Security Man.

Anyway, I missed my flight by less than two minutes, watching it pull away from the boarding thingy. What a sight. I’ve never missed a flight.

All through the run, I kept sowing to the Spirit, who reassured me with words such as, “You’ll make it. . .You’ll get there. . .” So you can imagine my thoughts and feelings when I didn’t make my flight.

Well, the airline agents didn’t know what to do with me. I told them my need of getting to L.A. for a seminar, and that I was the seminar. They worked for about 15 minutes to give me the best they could, even though that would cost me, oh, about $150, give or take a little. And then, one of those moments. In behind the counter stepped another lady who muttered something to the agent, who then said, “You know, we’ll just book you on another airlines’ flight that leaves in 40 minutes. . .and it won’t cost you a thing. You’ll get where you need to go.”

And so I did.

He really had told me, “You’ll make it. . .You’ll get there.”


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