Wednesday, June 04, 2008

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Sometime you might feel like posting a comment or a question. You may do that simply by clicking on the Comments link found at the conclusion of each post. After posting your comment or question, simply choose an identity to your liking (Anonymous is perhaps quickest), and click Publish Your Comment. You're done. Depending upon what you've written, I'll respond.

To get an idea of what goes on, I am including a recent comment and response below that was posted on the Devotionally Single article. (Scroll down for that article.)

Anonymous said...

I am currently single. I'm not sure if I want to remain that way or not. Some people are always giving me advice and counsel. It seems that they generally try to place me in one role or the other. It puts me on the defensive and always leaves me feeling hurt and confused. It leaves me feeling as if there's something wrong with me. It's such a personal thing... I like to pray about it. Jesus is the only one I can talk to who doesn't make me feel pressured. He seems to be okay with my indecision. We take it one moment at a time.

Ralph said...

I like what you're saying here, especially that Jesus "seems to be okay with my indecision." I loved that!

I didn't marry until I was 35, and was all over the emotional map in the adult years leading up to it. Sometimes I was content, and sometimes I was not. Without exception, contentment was due to my love affair with God. I was on the staff of a large church with (it seemed) a million eligibles, so I migrated from contentment and peace to frustration and desire. I got to know Jesus in marvelous ways because of my dilemma!

I was a pastor, so there were more than a few who viewed me as slightly deficient or not quite solid. If, in conversation, I brought up what the New Testament says about being single as opposed to being married (it's rather pro-single!), those who were married would look sort of knowingly at me and maybe wink. I suspected that they discounted the Bible in preference to a model that seemed better--a married model.

It was one more way I learned to prefer Jesus Himself and His opinion of me over anything else. Sounds like you're finding that, too.

Keep it!


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  1. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I loved this. So refreshing--thanks.