Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Shack

Well, the Totem Pole Theory proves true once again. You're familiar with that, aren't you? The higher you successfully climb up the pole of life, the more your butt shows. So it is for William Young and his book, The Shack. He is high enough now to be noticed (the book is a top seller), and they're shooting at his backside.

It's quite a book.

While I am but half-way through it, Young's book is stirring a storm, as it should. The idea of grace and grace alone, that we receive absolutely everything from God for entirely nothing, has always rankled more than a few. That it does so today is no surprise, and, I suppose, it's a good thing in that this book will draw still more attention because of the storm. In my view, virtually none of the incredible doctrines of the Bible are without controversy. We get stirred-up, don't we?

That's not the only reason the book is controversial. Young pictures God's grace to us in a very unusual way, one that confronts and captivates at the same time. It's a stretching exercise--and a good one. Lots of people I know really like the book, including my wife. Some, who also love my book, are giving the two of them together to their friends and relatives. They tell me that the two books are saying essentially the same thing--we're really well-off with God through Christ--but in a different, complimentary manner.

I suggest you buckle-up, buy a copy and read it yourself.

For an excellent commentary, I recommend Steve McVey's blog. You can go there by clicking here.

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