Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Catch The Whompers

The obsolete arrangement between God and man (the Old Covenant) was never Christian—not even close. Not even. If now we make any attempt to wed it to the new and current arrangement by our efforts, our hopes or our expectations of God, we’re binding ourselves to frustration and confusion.

If frustration and confusion are whomping on your life just now, consider your covenant. Trying to have them both means you’ll enjoy neither, let alone God. It would be like trying to mate a horse and a car and hoping to get somewhere with it (worse than the picture, though the exhaust system would be awful). There is no fit.

It's crazy.

If you're going to actually enjoy and truly like God, you've got to pay attention and catch the whompers.

(I’m bothered by what this has done to the sons and daughters of God in relation to “hope in the Lord,” so I’ll write more soon. And if you weren't aware, I've got a lot to say about all this in my just-released book. Find out more at: http://lifecourse.org/Ralphs_Book.html)

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  1. Steve Woods10:55 PM

    Judaianity, Christaism, call it what it is, but it's not the gospel. Thanks for sticking your neck out there.