Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Happy Place In The Crucifixion & Resurrection

I love the church. What a rich time we enjoyed together at the Redeemer Christian Church retreat in Allenspark. Colorado, over the last two days.

During our first session on Saturday morning we saw that, because we have already been immersed into Christ Jesus at the cross, at least two things are true: We will never have to die for our sins because, in Christ, we already did; and, having been crucified with Him, we do not need to die in order for us to gain power over sin because, in Christ, we already did. We don’t need to die to self, as though we still have a self that needs to die. We need to believe that we were baptized into Him and crucified with Him—that’s where freedom, power over sin, and new life is found. We were immersed with Him; when His body died, we died. When His body was buried, we were buried. When His body was raised spotless, faultless and perfect, we were raised in the same condition. (Romans 6:1-7)

If you're looking for your "Happy Place," this the starting point.

(I'll post a summary of the last two sessions tomorrow.)


  1. Julie Belshe10:35 PM

    Thanks Ralph! Really needing that Happy Place, Today especially. And Lord let me stay and remain here in your rest, peace and joy, grace and wisdome. Thanking God for all he has done for me! It is finished and complete.

  2. Murray Scott10:45 PM

    Keep listening to, watching and reading excellent teachings that remind you of your placement in Christ so that you do not get overtaken by thoughts to the contrary.