Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What We See Is Not What's Most Real

When our Christian friends and family and even Christians we don’t know appear before us, what we see is not what’s real. Those who love being reconciled to God and believe it’s the greatest thing there is will learn to approach people according to what they have become in Christ, not according to how they behave. It will be exhilarating for them.


  1. Vicki Leventhal-Highet Frydrych8:45 PM

    Just picked up my copy at BN.... can't wait to get home and sit in my rocker and get into the book.

  2. Julie Belshe10:51 PM

    I do wish God would reconcile more of the PEOPLE around ME to HIM and that they would know him too, but I know that's his job. Drama and trantrums, uhhh... But I do know that I love being reconciled to God and it is the greatest thing ever, and yes exhalarating too!

  3. Dalendarlene Foux10:52 PM

    Minister:Ralph! I'm Getting 1 Tomorrow/& i'm Writing 'Book of Poems/ & 2 Others As GOD 'LEADS!' SO, I'l Give U ! Of EAch Of Mine. Please PRAY/I Can & SHALL FINISH For:GOD's GLORY! Can't Wait To:READ!