Monday, March 14, 2011

Forever New

It's a terrible plague that, after having received a new self, we still fall into denigrating ourselves as though that's humility. It's more humble (and accurate) to acknowledge what God has made of us all by Himself.

In making us His very own creations (2 Cor 5:17), we have an outstanding self, one compatible and in union with Him. That new self is what’s renewed through knowing and communing with God (Col 3:9,10). When you’re knowing God and having fellowship with Him, you’ll also know yourself. He brings the real you out, and reveals you to you. You're going to like that!

The old self is gone (Rom 6:6), having been crucified with Christ, and the new has come. That’s worth looking at and celebrating now and then, don’t you think?

You're not old—you're forever new.


  1. Cathy Rheeder2:59 PM

    Thanx so much ralph excellent identity. 'He renews yr youth-yr always young in His presence'. Psalm 103. message.Job 33:25. His flesh shall be fresher than a childs: he shall return to the days of his youth. bring it on Lord. amen.

  2. Thelma Benedict Bellows3:31 PM

    Yes Amen..thank you ..

  3. Julie Belshe8:27 AM

    And that's really good news! Thanks Ralph!!!

  4. Gene Ferrin8:28 AM

    If that is the case, how come you are still the same old fisherman? Wait a minute, now I get it, You have become a perfect farmer! Smiles, Gene

  5. Jackie Hyatt Lacy8:28 AM

    Amen! Thank you for sharing that Ralph!

  6. Luis Leiva8:29 AM

    Thank you Father for introducing me, to my self. \o/
    Thanks Ralph!

  7. Jeff Arnold8:29 AM

    Praise Jesus

  8. Elmarie Botha8:29 AM

    Amen Ralph!!

  9. John Madden8:30 AM

    I like this note. Sweeeeeet!

  10. Mary Jane Santos8:30 AM

    AMEN!!! To God be the Glory. Thank you Bro. God bless you more and more everyday.

  11. Thanks very much for your comments. I'm always so glad when the Spirit reveals the truth of God's grace to us to our hearts. He's very good at that, don't you think?

  12. Myra Roberts Schlosser10:57 PM

    Great news! It is so wonderful to hear the TRUE GOSPEL! I am enjoying raising my last child under grace! It is so different from the way I raised the other 4.....teaching Allison how loved and adored she is RIGHT NOW, just how she is, is turning the whole family around! Praise GOD! We are forever NEW! Thanks, Ralph!

  13. Cheryl Lowry10:58 PM

    Forever New! I like that:)

  14. Andrea Lynn11:01 PM

    Great post Ralph!!! Not old ... forever new!!! Hallelujah!!!! \o/

  15. Myra--Hooray! It's an amazing faith builder, raising our kids by the knowledge of God's grace to them...our little new creations. I have a chapter in my book that is about kids who are in Christ: "Aliens Have Landed: The proper care and feeding of the everyday foreigners in your family"
    Cheryl--Me too! Thank you.