Friday, March 18, 2011

I Love These People

Just wrapped up tonight's topic with the Redeemer Christian Church retreat. In essence it was about God's actual presence within the Christian--that He is actually in us, happy about His temple, delighted to be in the New Testament Holy of Holies.

I'm with a terrific bunch of God-lovers. More tomorrow. . .


  1. Lisa Cromwell Smale11:14 PM

    I ordered ur book ! :). Can't wait to read it. Ordered one for my sister too - Angie Smith.

  2. Steve Woods11:14 PM

    Love your focus on the new testament...

  3. Murray Scott7:23 AM

    That's the end game, isn't it Ralph? Fellowship with God. The fact that He has done everything so that we can be close to Him. Just now beginning to wrap my arms around the fact that He chose to make us His dwelling place and, like you said, He is happy with His temple. Awesome!

  4. Bart Breen5:28 PM

    Glad things went well Ralph.